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Twenty-Something Fangirl. Writer. College Graduate. Penguin Enthusiast. Queen of the Goats. Shipper of Everything.

Disciple to Red John. Wife to Craig O'Laughlin. Employee of Luther Wainwright. Partnered with Ray Haffner. The Mistress to Red John is my best friend.

INFJ about me I feel like this basically describes me however I'd like to think I'm a badass leader hehehe



"We are all connected, so don’t let go."

  • Charm: Superior
  • Adaptability: Needs development
  • Planning: Superior
  • Survival Preparations: Superior
  • Weapons Skill: Snuggles of light
  • Intelligence: Teach me O master!
  • Warm Fuzzies: Melting
  • Leadership: Average

Because of their kind,…

INFJ about me if you knew me you'd agree


INFP: diligently ignores problem until it’s too big to manage
ESTJ: ‘exactly as i say, or else’
ISFP: lists and lists and lists and lists…
ESFJ: vocalizes everything they’re doing
ISFJ: move bitch, get out the way
ENTP: too interested by the options to do…

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psych Soup Can Sam my favorite
Psych Juliet O'Hara my queen
The Following my feelings are back again ugh miss you bbs
The Mentalist oh Cho
I'd hit up free books during the apcolypse




id hit up barnes and noble during the purge

signs you’re a book addict #1: when you’re willing to risk being brutally murdered for free books



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The Maze Runner pretty much